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General Consent
I, have read and understand the Consent and the General Terms for electronic delivery, and consent to electronic delivery of the following ICICI Bank account-related documents ("Documents"):
(a) Monthly e-statements for individual Bank Accounts
(b) Tax Documents (including T5, NR4, T4RSP, RL-2, RL-3 and RRSP Contribution Slips);
(c) Notice of changes to any agreement which governs my Account(s) or a related service;
(d) Notice of changes to any interest rate or fee, new fees and any other information regarding my Account or a related service;
(e) Information relating to the renewal of my Bank Account;
(f) Documents relating to my Investment Accounts such as GIC certificates;
(g) Disclosure statement of fees and charges for Personal Accounts; and
(h) Any other communication, notice or information that is required by the terms and conditions of ICICI Bank, by law, or otherwise to be provided to me in writing about my Account; and
  I confirm and provide this Consent.
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