Politically Exposed Person (PEP) is defined as a person who holds or has held one of the following offices or positions in or on behalf of a foreign or Canadian government,  
  • head of state or head of government;
  • governor general or lieutenant governor;
  • member of the executive council of government or member of a legislature;
  • deputy minister or equivalent rank;
  • ambassador, or attaché or counsellor of an ambassador;
  • military officer with a rank of general or above;
  • president of a state-owned company or a state-owned bank;
  • head of a government agency;
  • judge of a supreme court, constitutional court or other court of last resort;
  • leader or president of a political party represented in a legislature; and
  • mayor

Head of an International Organization (HIO) is a person who is either:  
  1. the head of an international organization established by the governments of states; or
  2. the head of an institution established by an international organization.

An international organization is an organization set up by the governments of more than one country. Once a person is no longer the head of an international organization or the head of an institution established by an international organization, that person is no longer a HIO.

Family members – certain family members (listed below) of a PEP or a HIO are also considered as PEPs and HIOs.  
  • their spouse or common-law partner;
  • their child;
  • their mother or father;
  • a child of their mother or father (sibling).

Close associate – a close associate can be an individual who is closely connected to a PEP or HIO for personal or business reasons and which includes:  
  • business partners with, or who beneficially owns or controls a business with, a PEP or HIO;
  • in a romantic relationship with a PEP or HIO, such as a boyfriend, girlfriend or mistress;
  • involved in financial transactions with a PEP or a HIO;
  • a prominent member of the same political party or union as a PEP or HIO;
  • serving as a member of the same board as a PEP or HIO; or
  • closely carrying out charitable works with a PEP or HIO.

If you or a family member or a close associate of yours holds any of the prescribed positions then please select  
  1. “Foreign” – if the position is ever held in a foreign government office.
  2. “Domestic” – if the position is held in a Canadian (federal, provincial, territorial) government office in last 5 years.
  3. “HIO” – if the position of head of international organization is held currently.

Else please select "Not Applicable"